Gloves and boots for Nihilus (COTF)

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Gloves and boots for Nihilus (COTF)

Post by 47011 » 26 Jan 2017, 22:49

Hi all.
I have as some of you may have seen started on a Nihilus build (and is browsing for resources on Revan, but that is off topic here).

I have a hard time finding the right gloves and boots. Do you have any good resources on where to find these items at a tollerable price range? Are there even some resources to look into in Sweeden (it is where I live so).

Around the hand is 21 cm (almost 9 inches) and length is 20 cm (8 inches) (this is ofc whithout the gountlet part)

Feet is size 45 (mostly)

FYI I have browsed the Flagship Eclipse forum without any real luck and may even post there too.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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