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Stargate Costuming Resources

Posted: 19 Jun 2016, 18:12
by roberteliason
Since it's been so quiet in here, let's start with some useful links!

Costume guides:
The basic SG-1 garrison uniform (FB)

SG-Operations Costume Guides have some slightly dated info, but it's basically sound.

IMFDB has some useful material regarding the various firearms used in the SG series - SG-1, SG: Atlantis, SG: Universe

Stitch's Loft Probably the best store for a complete SG kit. Has both uniforms and props. Usually not in store though so be prepared to wait while they're being manufactured. have some exciting looking props for purchase, such as a GDO and a upper receiver conversion kit for the P90 TR

If you know of any other useful guides, vendors or reference material, let us know below :)