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Darth Nihilus costume (reupload).

Posted: 26 Jul 2016, 23:52
by Broxigar
Reuploading my Darth Nihilus costume with link to pictures instead to make it easier and take less space in the thread.

Re: Darth Nihilus costume (reupload).

Posted: 27 Jul 2016, 09:56
by 10413

It looks good - but there are a couple of things, that you´ll need to change.

Are you on the Flagship Eclipse forum ?? if not please do make a profil in there to see WIP´s of other Nihilus COFT versions.

The CRL for Nihilus is here : ... f-version/

or on the 501st page : ... th_nihilus

You´re going to need the belt - as I can see, that is missing. The gloves needs to be replaced too and your cape has to go over your shoulders - this can be done with either a snap or velcro on each shoulder. The zipper on the boots - are those visible from behind ? if they are, you´re going to either replace the boots or hide the zipper.

Your lightsaber is not allowed to hang from the belt - like the hilt ;)

But you´ve done a great job so far - looking forward to see you in the Legion.

Re: Darth Nihilus costume (reupload).

Posted: 28 Jul 2016, 01:56
by Broxigar
I will create a profile on Eclipse, and everything else is noted. Not entirely sure about the zipper on the boots, but I think that the robe/skirt covers it though.