Gunner costume build + My Gunner adventures

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Re: Gunner costume build + My Gunner adventures

Post by 12077 » 13 Oct 2017, 23:01

Found this old thread and decided to update after a loong time.
A lot has happened after last post, 50+ troops with the Gunner and some upgrades on costume and parts.
Previous pictures were all the "basic" version; Configuration 1: No armor.

Here are some pics I could find about my other Gunner variants:
Configuration 2: Soft Chest Armor

Configuration 3: Quilted Leather Jacket

Configuration 4: Jacket & Soft Armor

Configuration 5: Hard Armor #1

Configuration 6: Hard Armor #2 is the one variant I don't have, and most likely I will not in the future either.
That's the only one I don't like :?

More updates and/or Gunner stuff coming sometime in the future, maybe..
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