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Modding the Rubies DL- 44 heavy blaster.

Posted: 27 Jun 2011, 21:19
by TI-9044
I got one of the rubies Han Solo blasters for a good price. Ive seen comparison pics of this and the MR version, and the size and proportions looks really good. The reason I went for this is that it will be more durable for trooping than a resin version, and the blaster sound is a cool feature for kids.

First a pic of the real prop used by that traitor Han Solo in ANH:


So heres what I did with it:

1. Remove the front end part at the muzzle. Drill out the small holes in the muzzle part. Just follow the dent pattern, its really easy. (I know, the original color is horrible...)


2. Sand the Made in China text. Again really easy.

3. Fill the screwholes with putty.


4. Drill holes in the scope. The one in the front is the only tricky part when modding this IMO. Go slow when drilling, and start with a small drill, and go bigger step by step. If you do this wrong it will break.


5. Glue the scope. The scope needs glue at the top where the scope halves meet. I used regular hobby plastic glue.

6. (Optinial) Screw two spacers to the round thingies at the right side.

7. Remove the silver decal at the muzzle part.

8. Sand and prepare for paint. To give the blaster a worn look I used rough sandpaper. Tape "the speaker" inside the muzzle.

9. Paint it with semi gloss paint. Go flat if you prefer that look.


10. (Optinial) Paint the grip flat dark brown, making it look like wood. I prefer the black grips that can seen on some blasters though. Since this is for trooping, it is good if its easy to repaint, so thats another plus with black grips.

11. Paint silver at edges, making it look worn.


12. Weather it with brown and flat dark gray washes.


And there it is: A cheap durable blaster for troops.