New recruit reporting in! Where is the armory?

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New recruit reporting in! Where is the armory?

#1 Post by filmelskeren » 20 Jul 2017, 20:32

New member reporting in! :)

Just joined the messageboards and looking for some advice heading on. Looking to get a Sandtrooper with backpack and blaster rifle. Tried to do some research on where to get a complete set-up, or do I have to order in pieces, make stuff etc. Keep in mind I'm a firsttimer to all of this so like to keep it simple to start.

I've been looking at youtube videoes on how to assemble some kits and wondered if these are a good start for a novice(with no workspace avaliable) or that I might buy a complete ready-to-use set from rspropmaster? Are these approved? Seems to be the go to place for the costumes?

If someone has any leads on a used sandtrooper(or stormtrooper) costume for sale, keep me in mind ;)

Looking forward to getting to know the 501st ;)

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Re: New recruit reporting in! Where is the armory?

#2 Post by TI-2096 » 20 Jul 2017, 21:04

For many recruits building their first suit Is something special. It makes the whole experience more fulfilling you might say. When that Is said, chosing to get a Rs propmasters kit built to your measurements will give you a sweet suit If the bulilding It all Is not your cup of tea. RS makes sweet stuff. Some adjustments and some tweaking Is allways needed though.
No suits come approved, but RS makes some quality approvable kits.

Welcome to this part of the fandom, and enjoy the journey.

Stein André


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Re: New recruit reporting in! Where is the armory?

#3 Post by 31700 » 21 Jul 2017, 12:45


RS is really good! I got mine there. Pretty much approved out of the box...
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Re: New recruit reporting in! Where is the armory?

#4 Post by 32700 » 21 Jul 2017, 19:51

Hi, welcome!

I would recommend getting a kit from a vetted maker. It takes a bit more time and effort, but you'll get to know the armour and the story behind it in detail, and you might even pick up a couple of new skills along the way. It might be a bit daunting at first - especially if you are inexperienced with these kind of builds - but it is worth it! When I started, I did not know up from down on a hobby knife, but doing the research and taking my time with the build was really rewarding.

For reference material and makers, I would recommend Mos Eisley Police Department for a sandy and First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachement for a stormie. I looked at tons of build threads and reference photos over at FISD for my stormtrooper armour.
Always check the current CRL for your costume during your build:

Hope to see you in uniform soon!

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Re: New recruit reporting in! Where is the armory?

#5 Post by Uxorious » 01 Sep 2017, 08:19

Hey Filmelskeren

I live in Bergen, Norway and have bought my kit form Anovos. I am done with the rough cutting and try to motivate myself to start assembly - It is very intimidating.
I felt like RS and Anovos were good options and went with Anovos because they are a little more "shiny" - and also a bit cheaper - though the wait is longer.
I have the kit now and it looks great. Just need to feel secure enough to continue the prosess. I bought boots, neckseal and gloves with latex ruber armore piece from Imperial Supply Depot and undersuit from StormtrooperUndersuit. Also bought a regular Aker voice Amp for the Stormtrooper voice.

I have a E-11 blaster that i have prepared, so all I need is really in my house.... just need to get some guts and balls etc.

I will start out with a standard stormtrooper, but i might work for a Heavy Arms Trooper - just because i love the backpack, shoulderpad, amopouch and ofc the big rifle.
Hope to see you around when we are done filmelskeren.

Judging by your nickname we have a lot to talk about :)

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