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Re: SW-tattoo!

#11 Post by iamjewest85 » 15 Mar 2018, 05:59

Hello, Everyone! my name’s Judith! Has anyone thought of trying with fake tattoos before deciding to make them permanent? Especially those who take art and expression really seriously? Or even if it’s just your hobby, I guess for me I take skin-art as a form of signature and ownership of your creation. I would love to hear your ideas about fake tattoos. I’m a designer from the https://www.momentaryink.com they offer a variety of fake tattoos (you can even create the design yourself) which you can customize and test-drive before deciding to make it permanent. It’s perfect if you’re not sure whether it would look great or not! Come and visit their website now!

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Re: SW-tattoo!

#12 Post by nordic_rex » 21 Mar 2018, 20:24

Heavenly Ink in Åkersberga (Stockholm). Ask for Linnéa.
I'm currently doing a full star wars sleeve. You can look her up at lineratheavenlyink on Instagram. She's posted most of the progress on mine and recently we did Ep3 Obi and it looks absolutely stunning, spot-on!

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